About me


I am... 

I am honouring the Sacred. I am the Universe experiencing itself from within its own creation. I am not a human having a Divine experience, I am the the Divine having a human experience. We all are. We are expanding awareness. We are evolving consciousness. 

I am a modern day druid. I am a creator being. I am stardust and alchemy and light. I am clairvoyant, claircognizant and clairsentient. I am a SEER, an intuitive, a conduit for your soul, and a deep healing activator. I am of service to LIFE, our direct connection to God Source Creation. I am a Life Doula for full Soul Embodiment on Earth, Here Now. Heal ourselves heal the world, heal the world heal ourselves. I have access to unconditional Love. The entire Universe is within me, as it is in you, would you like me to show you?