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My Akashic Reading with Juel

    The images Juel sees, and describes in human words, are beyond beautiful.
They are ethereal, colourful, strong, nourishing and from a place beyond our imagination.
I felt “settled” after my reading. As if unasked questions were answered. Doors that have always been open were revealed. A fog lifted. There was no pressure, just calm and peacefulness.



    I wasn’t sure what to expect going into my Akashic reading. Juels calming presence and ability to connect to a higher spirit immediately drew me in and I felt comfortable to hear her translate the images and words of my soul.

Her ability to receive these messages gives us an opportunity to better understand our grand existence, which then let’s us better understand this life in reality. It was such a gift to connect with her on such a level and receive breakthroughs I didn’t even know I was looking for. This really connected some dots for me!


   Amazing, thank you so much for all of this information and such a beautiful and empowering experience! You are truly gifted, Juel. It's inspiring to see you develop and nurture your skills. Your reading has given me so much to think about and explore, I'm so grateful to you. It felt like a beautiful dream to hear your descriptions.

~Lesley Magee

Juel is woke AF.


   I decided to give this a go, not really knowing what to expect, or really what it was all about. Juel started off explaining to me what it was all about and what I could expect, which put me at ease straight away. Starting out as a bit of a sceptic, I am so pleased I opened myself up to something so interesting and fulfilling. Juel took me through my records, and whilst not all of it made sense to me, it didn’t matter because it was so interesting and uplifting. Juel is so passionate about her gift and it really came across that she wanted to guide me and show me a bit more about myself. I left the session feeing a bit more understood than when I started. Thank you, Juel!

~Kim Bregg

   My daughter Makayla (9) and I are still talking about our readings, every couple of days something new happens that connects to our findings. Such a powerful gift, we are awed and feeling such gratitude for your ability! The experience resonated on the deepest level and provided a greater perspective towards our souls purpose. You provided an environment full of love and openness, helping to answer any question and providing positive perspectives, explanations and encouragement!
Thank you for helping us along our spiritual journey and awakening our souls! Blessings to you and your wonderful work!

~With love, Victoria & Makayla 

   Juel holds a delightful quality of space that nurtures the ability for two souls to easily connect, explore and realize together.


     Juel’s  lovely and relax demeanour set the tone for an enlightening Akashic Records Reading. Her words provided me with a sense of energy, new knowledge and understanding. I received exactly the message I needed. The session was detailed and fascinating. Although there was a lot of information to digest, I left wanting more. I look forward to continuing this journey of spiritual growth.

~Michelle Leigh

    The entire experience was lovely. Not only is Juel intuitive, she is a very warm and honest person. You can trust her to have a glimpse into your life. Rest assured, that no matter what metaphor she may see or feeling she may pick up on, that the message will be conveyed with love and care.

~LaVonne Chantel

   Juel has many gifts and in exploring the akashic records with her she helped me to rediscover mine. It was an absolutely incredible experience in which I felt both comfortable and at peace. Juel is greatly connected to spirit and uses her deep and intuitive knowing to guide her readings. I will be integrating the incredibly insightful knowledge I gained for some time to come. Such a gift! I am so grateful that I was guided to do a reading with Juel, a reminder of the importance of trust. I know I will return again. 

~L Galvez, Holistic Health Consultant

   Thank you so much Juel for the fabulous Akashic record reading! You were so thoughtful and insightful with what you envisioned. I especially loved connecting to the beautiful, strong and benevolent power of the woman riding the horse. The wisdom that comes from your heart and mind is extraordinary and your intuition and connection to the records was fascinating!

That you were able to express what you saw so beautifully allowed me to tap into my own intuition and experience the deep meaning of what the Akashic records might be sharing with me. I am curious to go back into the records with you and experience more! You are such a gem and I am grateful to have had this time with you and look forward to having you read my records again soon.

~Namaste, Marlies Venier

I found the whole experience very insightful, it made me think about things I had not thought of before. At the end of it I felt like I had been on a journey. I felt at ease and safe the whole time I was on that journey. Later, while I was playing with my young son I realized that I wanted to provide the same kind of safe feeling for his self-discovery and learning, it felt very good. ~Quentin

   Juel is a gifted intuitive. With her gift of clairvoyance and insight she is able to receive messages that are able to guide and awaken a deep part of ones knowing. After our session together I felt inspired and like there was something activated in me and in my deeper self. She is compassionate, wise and offers a healing space.

~Spomenka Bizic

   Exploring my akashic records with Juel was such an uplifting experience. Her gentleness, knowledge, profound capacity to get insights and follow her intuition made this entire session feels like a deep Soul journey. She is a truly gifted seer. Having a session with Juel brought me clarity and confirmed the direction of my life. I am forever grateful.

~C.B. Spiritual Coach & teacher

My experience having my Akashic records read with Juel was amazing and something I will always remember.  Juel and I had never met prior to our session and I was a little unsure of what to expect.  I kept an open mind and within the first few minutesI I felt relaxed, eager to share and listen. 
My biggest take away from our session was… I have been meditating for the past 3 years or so (off and on) and I have never been able to really focus my questions on a particular object or direction.  I am also not a religious person so I have always just asked the universe, which for me always felt vague.  I walked away from my session with Juel feeling excited and uplifted.  She provided me with a visual representation of who my spirit guides are so now when meditating or when looking for answers I can visually picture who I am directing my question too which for me feels more tangible.
I would highly recommend an Akashic records reading session with Juel for anyone who is looking to further their connection with their higher self. 
~Nick Schmidt

What a powerful experience I had with Juel!  The reading was profoundly accurate, and what was even more incredible was the intuitive energy that flowed between us as we worked together:  she allowed me to access my own deep knowledge of my ancestry and, in doing so, my sense of belonging in the world.  I feel so deeply rooted in my path and the support that guides me along the way after the time Juel and I spent together. 

~Jessie Harrold

My Deep Soul Healing Journey with Juel: 

I felt very held and supported throughout this process. The depth, wisdom and guidance I received were profound and touched upon several areas of importance for me including, health, self healing practices, and career path. I knew working with Juel would be special but I had no idea just how amazing the experience would be. I feel a sense of knowing and direction that I have never felt before and as well my own intuitive gifts have been enhanced as well. I simply cannot thank Juel enough and would encourage you if you feel called in anyway to Juel, to work with her. She has tremendous gifts to share and a deep soul healing journey with her is absolutely priceless. I will be forever grateful that I listened to my inner knowing and chose to go on this journey with Juel.  

~ Lisa 

Juel, I want to thank you so much for my reading. To be honest I was not sure what I was signing up for but your enthusiasm was contagious and your story was inspiring. I also wasn’t sure what we could accomplish in a virtual call on opposite sides of Canada. You allowed me to feel both vulnerable and safe while guiding me through my experience. Thank you for giving me some guidance and clarity at a time when I need it most.
~Sarah Parfitt

I had an Akashic Record Reading with Juel and it was absolutely amazing. I wasn’t too sure what to expect – I hadn’t even heard of Akashic Records until I searched it online prior to the reading. As soon as I met Juel, I felt so comfortable and joyful. She has such a lovely energy, and I couldn’t stop smiling whilst talking to her. She was so patient and polite while asking questions and the whole situation was so calm, safe and relaxed. I really loved learning about my past lives and soul’s journey. She gave me information about my Starseed and previous human life experiences. It was so eye-opening, and I learnt a lot of really important information. I really treasure the knowledge Juel has given me and I felt so inspired after the reading. It was a powerful and life changing experience and I would recommend it wholeheartedly. ~Florence Day

My Prenatal Akashic Reading with Juel was a powerful experience. Juel is calming and grounding and has an energy that is so positive and awakened. This was an incredible experience where I was able to connect on a very spiritual level with my baby while she was still growing inside me.  Juel was not only able to connect with my soul but also my unborn childs soul. Juel's ability to describe what she sees is a true gift and she does it such a enlightening and beautiful way.  The reading left me feeling at peace and connected to the baby growing inside me in a way I had not yet experienced before. Thank you so much for this gift Juel ~KLM

   I have had a few different types of Akashic reading sessions with Juel.
Each time, she explains to me what she’s seeing & it really resonates with me and I feel that through her visions, I am able to find answers to the questions I am seeking.
Now-a-days we often don’t take the time out for ourselves because we are busy taking care of everything else, so I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a session with Juel, that is 100% all about you!
Thank you Juel, you’ve helped me in many ways with your gifts & ability to get to the heart of the matter in a way that really works for me!


I did an Akashic Record reading with Juel and I’m grateful for the experience. It’s uncanny how certain things she was saying lined up with themes in my life. Some of the insights & perspectives she offered in the session have been serving me in the weeks since, and I feel more aware of myself and what’s important for me after having the session 

Thank you Juel!

 ~Pierce Kinch

My reading with Juel was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. 

Juel has this ability to be a strong yet comforting energy in the room and I noticed a shift in her as soon as the records were opened. 

Her information was profound, timely, and resonated with me and my current life. 

I cannot wait for my next reading and hope to bring my fiancé for a couple's session before our wedding. 

~Alyssa White

My Akashic reading with Juel was a deep and enlightening experience for me. I felt fully supported and safe with Juel the whole time. I also enjoyed listening to the recording of my reading again and found I got even more guidance from listening to it again. I am so happy that I met Juel and feel more connected to my inner self after this experience.

 ~Laura Conrod

Juels reading came at a beautiful time for me. The information shared aligned with  so much going on in my life, gave insights into deeper questions, and has helped with my personal inner work and confidence in self. She creates such a heartfelt space to explore a deeper understanding of yourself in this interconnected web of energy and life.


With the strong recommendation from my sister, I booked a session with Juel. Despite my own experience with energy work, I was hesitant at first how someone would be able to get a good read on me through a digital interface. How wrong I was ... With warmth and a soothing gentleness, Juel described deep-seated and impressionable moments imprinted on my memory of childhood, sending chills down my spine at the eeriness and exactitude of not only her word choice but her timing of questions, which correlated with my own thought processes. Juel's connection to the Ether is strong and she quickly affirmed her capacity for reading, ending the session by pulling an Oracle card that contained a symbolic image of each and every level shared of the Akashic Records. Astounded, I recommended her to my friend and recommend her as well to you, for the sole gift of knowing your soul at a deeper level and how supported it is. 

~ Mary Conrod

My intuition always told me that there is a reason behind why my son is such a non conformist when it comes to traditional schooling, traditional parenting paradigms and general societal expectations of being. His birth and presence has challenged me to grow and transform as an adult for the better. My Parent & Child session with Juel confirmed how our relationship and my role in his life is intentional. The session illuminated how my old soul presence on this earth is here to help his new earth being to initiate a new way of life not just for me but to ripple out for humanity. The session has helped me to draw more empathy and compassion (especially when my patience is at its thinest) to connect to my son knowing that it's his first time down here on earth. If you ever wondered about the purpose of your relationship with your child in this lifetime, I highly recommend Juel's Akashic Parent and Child Reading.
Thank you Juel! ~Agata

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