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This course changes everything


How to Teach Your Child Early Literacy Skills



You were designed to be your child’s teacher, which is why they chose you as their Nurturer (Parent/Grandparent/Guardian).

You are not supposed to be perfect; you are supposed to be learning right alongside them… as they were designed to be your greatest teacher too. 

This course is for you if you are ...


Ready to step up courageously into your limitless potential

and nurture this within your children.

Ready to activate deep inner knowing encoded in your DNA

and the Sacredness of your family lineage.

Whether you are ... 



World schooling



In the School System

Out of the School System


The magic is within you wherever you are.


What to expect ...


Learning the codes of symbolic (written) language.

And how to create the neural pathways to store this information.

Remembering how we learn.

Like breathing, learning is innate, but how we do it matters.

Activating how we teach.

Re-initiating the Ancient Future Art of Nurturing.

Whether your child is just beginning their literacy journey


Has been struggling with reading for years...

This course will set your child on a beautiful trajectory of self-regenerative learning from this point forward.



 Your investment in your family and *all families...



6 Week Course 

Weekly 1 hr Live Training

+ 1 hr Live Q&A (Immediately Following)

Every Wednesday

(for 6 weeks)

Training 7-8pm Atlantic Time (AT) 

Q&A 8-9pm Atlantic Time (AT) 

Family life is busy and there are so many time zones so00 ...

All Training Sessions and Q&A's will be recorded and uploaded

into your personal online course portal within 24 hrs of the Live

for access right away or anytime in the future!

WE BEGIN MAY 4th, 2022

(May the 4th be with you!)

*All Families

 ♡The Aquarian Multiplier♡

For every family that registers another family is fully sponsored that does not have the resources for the course at this time.



Author of the intuitive children’s book series ‘The Little Philosophers’. Juel Maerz is an Early Childhood Literacy Specialist and Soul Life Doula. She has studied philosophy, environmental science, herbal medicine, diverse learning and early literacy development: B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. Juel has had over 10 years of experience in the Public School System. Her dream is for all children to fully express their uniqueness on Earth, through the expansiveness of inner Love. 


Q: Should my child be present for the Trainings?

A: No, the trainings are for YOU the Nurturer (Parent, Grandparent, Guardian) but your child is welcome to join you. 

Q: What age child is this for? 

A: Any age! 

  • If your child is just beginning to learn their ABC's.

  • Is in the initial stages of their literacy learning.

  • Has been struggling with reading for years.

  • Is learning English as a second language.

Q: My child is older and can read and write but is struggling with grammar and punctuation should I still sign up? 

A: No, this is a course design for early literacy skills, the initial stages of learning how to read and write. But if your child is older (8-12) and is still struggling to learn to read, then yes this course is applicable. 

Q: What if I can't make it to any of the Live Trainings? Should I still sign up?

A: YES! All the trainings will be recorded and uploaded in your course portal for easy access at a convenient time for you.

Q: What results can I expect from this investment?

A: You can expect to evolve as a teacher, developing an expansive set of skills and methodologies that will support how you nurture your child's learning, specifically with literacy, but applicable to all of life learning! 



Week 1: Discovering the Known

Wednesday, May 4th 

Training 7pm-8pm AT + Q&A 8pm-9pm AT

How to discover what your child knows: This will give you incredible insight into what your child already has under control and will help you identify any confusions they may have acquired.



Week 2: Playing in the Known

Wednesday, May 11th 

Training 7pm-8pm AT + Q&A 8pm-9pm AT

How to honour what your child knows: This process is playful and fun for both of you and nurtures the most fertile ground you can imagine for the exponential growth of your child's learning, that which you are about to witness. 



Week 3: Co-Creating with the Code

Wednesday, May 18th 

Training 7pm-8pm AT + Q&A 8pm-9pm AT

 How to set up your Literacy Lessons: This will enable you to design the structure of your lessons to skillfully incorporate all the essential components: Reading, Writing and Word Work (orthography and phonemic awareness).



Week 4: Intuition Led Expansion (Reading)

Wednesday, May 25th 

Training 7pm-8pm AT + Q&A 8pm-9pm AT

 How to Teach Reading: This will provide you with the skills of how to Model, Prompt and Reinforce new learning and how to assess and analyze your child’s reading to inform your next teaching move.  



Week 5: The Symbol (Writing)

Wednesday, June 1st

Training 7pm-8pm AT + Q&A 8pm-9pm AT


How to Teach Writing: This will reveal the path of moving from concept to symbol, showing you how to transition your child's unique ideas into the written form.



Week 6: Self-Regenerative System

Wednesday, June 8th

Training 7pm-8pm AT + Q&A 8pm-9pm AT

How to build new neural pathways: This exciting step will teach you how to nurture this innate skill within your child.